"What? Lookin' for da boss? Well he ain't here right now. Looks like you're gonna have ta settle for little ol' me, instead!"
Harley Quinn

C’est la fête


“Oh yes. She’s quite good” Orm chuckled happily. He’d have to ask Sird sometime if she’d be interested in cooking for the group sometime. Perhaps they could even having a cooking contest. That could be lots of fun! “I’m sure you’re not that bad. Everyone just needs a little teaching and they can learn the basics” Orm said cheerfully.

“And I’m sure you’ll do a spectacular job. You got promoted for a reason after all” he replied. “Now we should be near the restaurant. Should only be a few more blocks.”

"I believe you. Although when it comes to cooking, I’ve never really tried. I was on my parents’ list of things I never needed to learn, right next to how to drive and how to catch a Pokémon." She pondered this though. What was stopping her now? Obeying her parents’ wishes now kind of defeated the purpose of running away, didn’t it? "Guess I could give it a shot if I ever get a kitchen." Until then, she’d continue to let her savings, earnings, and occasional boss feed her.

"Heheh. Thanks…" Rai looked up at Sylvia, but there wasn’t a grin on her face. What’d he mean ‘a few more blocks’? Sylvia didn’t seem to notice, however. She squeezed Rai just a little bit tighter, silently squealing. "I’m so excited!" Seriously, when was the last time she’d gone out with anyone? Sure she could afford to go on her own, but it was way more fun with company.

C’est la fête


“Ha! There’s still plenty of dishes I need to work on, but I’m working on it slowly” Orm guffawed. “Besides, you should really try Sird’s cooking some day. She loves to cook just like me.” He even remembered having a discussion during the holidays on who would cook the big holiday get together with the Three Beasts. Carr of course, stayed out of the conversation.

“I’m glad to hear you aren’t bored. I know sometimes Agents may not seem to do as much, but you’ll find out a lot more doors are open now that you are a rank higher. You’ll get to do some more missions, new technology and better prizes. I remember some really good agents got to have jetpacks on their missions. Doesn’t that sound like fun?” he asked happily.

He actually humored her question, which had Sylvia laughing with him. “Does she really?” Sylvia couldn’t really see it, but she wouldn’t put it past Lady Sird, either. “Well, I’m always impressed by cooking ability. You could stand right next to me and give me step-by-step guidance and I’d still manage to burn a salad.” And she was every bit serious. Sylvia had never cooked a day in her life and wasn’t interested in figuring out how bad she was.

As Orm spoke, Sylvia winked at Rai and motioned for her to come over with her finger. Unlike Orm would have been, Sylvia was obviously affected by the weight of a two-foot rodent jumping into her arms. Rai got still and comfortable just in time for Sylvia to answer without hesitation. “Uh… yeah it does! Guess I’d better get to work on being seen as a ‘really good’ agent.” Not that she suspected she’d have a problem with that or anything.

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“Ohhh…” A slow nod. “I see, you’re one of those. Well hey in that case, ask nothing. You’d never listen, anyway!” Sylvia let loose a short laugh, as though she’d just said something funny. “You know, I get that a lot. But I say everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. I’m still making bank.” 

“Making bank? HA!” Silver scoffed. He always thought Team Rocket was pathetic, and this grunt reinforced that idea. “You’re so damn blind to think you can achieve anything with Team Rocket. It’s sad, really. You’re sad.”

"This is precious. You’re so cute. Throwing a tantrum like an 8-year old over something that doesn’t even affect you." The Rocket smiled and ran her fingers through her hair, seemingly un-bothered by the whole thing. Which would make sense; she had spent basically her entire upbringing being told her opinions were wrong or irrelevant. "You know, I think losing battles and dead Ponyta are pretty sad, but I don’t waste my time yelling at them."

C’est la fête


Orm smiled happily as he felt the pitter patter of little mouse feet up his arm and to his shoulder. He welcomed the attention from the little mouse and took one large finger and gently stroked Rai’s head.

“Sushi fan? Excellent! I can make sushi next time if you want” Orm replied happily as he finally untangled his arms from Sylvia. She probably wanted the room to breathe and move anyways. But for now, he’d be going out to celebrate. While Orm certainly enjoyed cooking, he didn’t mind going out and having soe much needed fun and save a few ingredients.

“So how has everything been since I last saw you?” Orm asked politely.

Whoo! She was released. Sylvia rocked on her heels some until she regained her balance, and then it hit her: you can make sushi..? "Mister Orm, is there anything you can’t do?" She said this jokingly, but at this point Sylvia was starting to wonder…

A lazy ‘Chuuu’ wafted through the air. Sylvia’s eyebrows scrunched up in disbelief. You don’t hear that syllable every day. Or ever. …Hardly ever. Sylvia shook her head, smiling at how spoiled Rai still managed to be. She guessed she’d let her stay out for now.

"Well… aside from the promotion, everything’s been normal. Maybe even a little quiet. Good thing I have seven Pokémon to train now, or I might get bored in between missions." Sylvia laughed at herself there. Actually, that was pretty unlikely. She’d been used to entertaining herself for years. If anyone could choke some fun in down time, it’d be her.

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“Hmm… ‘Rocket’, yes. ‘Punk’ no.” She smiled, hand on a hip. “Well, you could ask. Not that I appreciate you calling Team Rocket an ‘ass of an organization’, either.” 

“Ask what? With your obvious getup, I could already tell how trashy you are.” Disdain fueled his words as he crossed his arms. “Rocket has been, and always will be, a failure.”

"Ohhh…" A slow nod. "I see, you’re one of those. Well hey in that case, ask nothing. You’d never listen, anyway!” Sylvia let loose a short laugh, as though she’d just said something funny. “You know, I get that a lot. But I say everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. I’m still making bank.” 

Old Identities


“Nah, miss.” Green shook his head at her disbelief, apparently word didn’t travel around all too fast. A sudden wonder of how many people fought Giovanni expecting him popped into his head. Thought it was nice to see that she thought he was a better gym leader then the Rocket boss, though he did think that the offense was a bit over the top.

“You remember how old you were? God, you suddenly made me feel old.” Green stated with a snort. “But, honestly. Who the hell cares what your parents say? If you want to train Pokémon, train Pokémon. No shame in it.” a playful smirk had risen on Green’s face at the mention of rebelling against her parents. He entertained the thought of convincing this girl but he wasn’t going to go out of his way. And… what was with that wink? Green couldn’t help but grin at that and look sideways at Jolteon with a wink as well.

Green’s Jolteon blinked. Obviously it hadn’t thought to exclude Glaceon in its sentence. But it made no effort to correct itself, only looking at the tree’s the other eeveeloution had pointed too. “Jol…?” as if to say “a race?”. The Pokémon shifted to look up at Green who was already looking down at it, the wink all it needing for it to gleefully grin back at its counterpart. “JOLTEON!” it cried out sparks shooting from its fur as it waited for Glaceon to make its move. A low chuckle escaped the lips of Jolteon’s trainer, none but the Pokémon itself probably being able to hear it. Green didn’t know what was going on between the two but he sure as hell didn’t mind. It was almost as if they were… siblings, being of the same evolution tree. Or so Green thought. He always had a soft spot for his starter Pokémon, and wouldn’t mind letting it have a little fun.

Plus after what Green had made the Pokémon go through, it probably needed it.

“Yeah it’s suppose to be-“ but when Sylvia said 18, Green stopped midsentence. “WAIT! Hold on a min-“ but he stopped his sudden disbelief when she finished her sentence. “Oh. was all he managed to say as he brain suddenly processed two bits of information. “Wow, I’m… oh I’m sorry? Eh…” Green seemed a little poor at making the sudden transition to serious. “I mean… good for you. But this whole… 18 thing… I did think you were much younger. Sorry bout that.” though Green never really sounded very sorry. But the apology was there nonetheless. “Brave of you to do that for someone you love.” he ended lamely.

A hand slid to Sylvia’s hip. She relaxed a little, and actually looked sympathetic. “That’s a shame. I suppose that explains why you’re out here, though.” That snort. Sylvia bit her lip. Old, really? And on top of that, it almost felt like she was being scolded for her obedience there. Though she sometimes wondered that herself. Why the hell didn’t she just leave? It was Green’s shock though, that kept Sylvia from over-thinking her past. The Rocket cocked an eyebrow, and then it hit her: Oh. That’s why. Her eyes dropped. She looked at Green with a tired annoyance; she’d gotten that way too many times over her lifetime. “I’m twenty-three”, she said flatly. As for Ariah… Sylvia didn’t know what to say. She turned her head and suddenly seemed distant, trailing off into silence.

Eve’s voice, 'Gla… ce… on… CEON!' is what broke the quiet. She’d actually taken off a little before she’d given the okay to run, but surely the big bad Jolteon’d catch up, right? She looked back with a devilish smirk, but not for long. Once her head turned around, she jetted off. She knew better than to think this was gonna be easy.

C’est la fête


“Hello you two!” Orm said happily. He pulled the two into a big happy bear hug, almost as if he hadn’t seen them in years. “I’m super proud of you. Agents and climbing up the ladder. So I wanted to take you out to dinner, and it’ll be on my dime.”

He grabbed a handful of fliers and held them out to Sylvia and Rai happily. “Go ahead and pick anything. I think the sushi place is fantastic but I don’t want to take you anywhere where you’re allergic.”

Oh, that was unexpected. Big, giant hug. But neither Sylvia nor Rai minded. Sylvia even gave a happy laugh, and brushed her hair back when they were released. Rai did something a little different; climbed up Orm’s arm and stood with all fours on his shoulder and nuzzled his head in return. She was happy to stay right there on her new perch while Sylvia shook her head at Rai witha humored expression on her face. Little girl you are a mess. 

"Thanks, Mister Orm!" She was pretty proud, too. But it meant way more to have someone else proud of her. She took the flyer and gave it a glance-over. And it hit her: she hadn’t gone out to eat in… quite a while, actually. This was going to be quite a treat! Sylvia glanced up at Rai, ‘reading’ her flyer and still on Orm’s shoulder. 

Wait what. Sushi? Sushi? "If you found a place that serves sushi, I don’t really need to look at this. I could eat sushi any day of the week."

This time Rai was the one laughing. What an understatement. Silly Sylvia.

Old Identities


Green watched the fleeting emotions as her brain slowly quickly, almost too quickly, who he was. He felt pride swell a bit inside of him that some still remembered who he was… But it was soon crushed with a few careless words, but from an outside perspective they were not this girls fault, who could know but those who bothered to keep up with such things? Green’s face went taunt and the next words out of his mouth were rather cold, but he kept his calm. “Was. I was the gym leader of Viridian. The former owner, not that many know of him, Giovanni, challenged and successfully took his gym back.” Green said nothing for a moment, allowing the feelings of guilt and anger to pass before he continued. “… Pfft. But I am still one of the strongest in the region, miss, don’t you think twice about that one.” a smirk was slowly returning to his face as his pride was uplifted by her latter comment.

Jolteon watched it’s ice counterpart with careful eyes. It perked it’s head up slightly at the cry issued from the mouth of the Glaceon. “Jo.. Jolteon” it said tiredly as if to say “but there are no stronger Pokémon or trainers”.

Green looked down at Jolteon for a moment while it spoke before the other trainer’s voice once more got his attention. Sylvia? Huh… he thought. He suddenly snorted at the comment about being a clerk. “I can’t see how you could stand a job like that. I’d go stir crazy from all that inside work.” Reflexively, Green looked towards the distance as he said the word “inside”. In the distance, Mount Silver loomed and a grin appeared on the former gym leader’s face. “Not that too much time outside does you much good either” he said, chuckling at his own inside joke before returning emerald eyes to similar, but brighter, colored ones. “You seem… up to par for someone your age. Why the hell are you stuck in a desk job? Why not collect the badges?” the hesitance was Green’s sudden lack of knowing how old she was. The girl had a mannerism that held ground. While childish, while more suiting of that of a teenager the way she held her self… spoke to a more “child in an adult body” kind of thing. Sure, Green was no expert, but after seeing kid, after kid, after kid, AFTER KID, come through his gym… he knew when a more experienced (which in the Pokémon world usually meant older) person was in front of him, regardless of how they acted. And something about this Sylvia girl was just that… older.

Or he could be completely wrong and just met a rather stable 15 year old, but that was besides the point. It really was simply he was questioning, and over thinking, how old she might be.

Sylvia hadn’t been moving much, but every thought and twitch stopped in its tracks. She spent a second motionless and then furrowed her brow, mouth open. “You’re kidding.” How did she not know that? Surely rumors would have spread, right? Maybe word just hadn’t trickled to the grunts before she moved up. Sylvia looked visibly offended, but certainly not for the reason Green probably inferred. “Hmph. Yeah, I know who he is. He was still the leader when I was ten. I kept up pretty well with the Kanto leaders, I think. I even remember how old I was when you took over.” A snicker was quickly turned into a giggle, covered up by her right hand. “After all, being a trainer was kind of my childhood dream. Shame my parents had other plans.” She paused, having a delayed reaction to his prideful commentary. “Hehe. Don’t you worry Green, I gotcha. Still very strong. Not doubting it.” She finished with a wink in his direction, took a glance toward the Pokémon, and sighed at his statement. “I can’t”, she said bitterly.

The ice type’s deep blue eyes gave Jolteon a slightly offended look. Sure, she wasn’t “all powerful”, but she was better than a wild Pidgeotto. She smiled though, slyly as if she knew something Jolteon didn’t, and took a few deliberate steps in front of him. Those eyes searched for something, and when they found them… Eve looked over her shoulder and pointed between two far-off trees with her paw. 'Cee, cee-ceon…' She sounded almost like she was laughing as she extended her front paws and shifted her weight to her rear end. Eve looked behind her at the gabbing trainers, got the response she expected, and looked back at Jolteon with a smile. A race then. That was, unless his trainer was too much of a stiff to let him have some fun.

Sylvia caught Eve looking right at her. The look was inquisitive, and while Sylvia didn’t know exactly what the Eeveelution wanted, she smiled and nodded anyway. Her Pokémon were all pretty trustworthy, so whatever she wanted, Sylvia was cool with. This question though… she wasn’t so comfortable with. She looked back at Green, an eyebrow raised. “Is… that supposed to be a complement?” There was a suspicious tone to Sylvia’s voice, but she shrugged it off. “The answer’s simple enough: I’d have left my job and my parents when I was eighteen, but…” Cutting her bright lime eyes right away from Green’s, “the woman I love would rather I stay.”

Yet another statement that would be more accurate in past tense. Hopefully that had sounded more loving than pained. But, you know. Her acting wasn’t perfect.


The cool person was definitely her. There was no doubt in Annie’s mind about it. She was the coolest, after all. The operative lapsed into silence as she repeatedly confirmed the fact in her mind, not even registering the greeting until moments later.
“Ah! Sylvia… It’s a pleasure”, Annie responded as she studied her uniform. Was she a grunt? It didn’t really feel that way, but she had never quite paid attention to the rankings of Team Rocket. All she needed to know was that she was high enough to have a little bit of authority, or, bullying rights over the lower tiers. “Are you a…”, she trailed off with a frown, not sure how to word the question. Surely the other would be offended if it wasn’t the case, but… Ah, whatever. It was no use beating around the bush.
“Aren’t you one of those… grunts?”

"Same to you. Meeting a spy? Totally awesome." Sylvia smiled closed mouthed, but it dropped to a curious expression while she tried to figure out what was bothering the other Rocket. She tilted her head and ran her fingers through her bang and then… the question came out. 
And now she was actually grinning. “I was. But now I’m an Agent.” She was straight to the point and chipper, showing no sign of offense. “So… Annie, right?”

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“I guess I’ll give you credit for being like cockroaches. Whatever those are. Team Rocket’s resilient and annoying. That’s the only thing they’ve got going for ‘em.” He snorted at the grunt, clearly unimpressed.

“Y’know, if you still need a meddling kid to kick your ass, I’d personally offer to do it. Buuuut, it’s not worth my time. ‘sides, you guys aren’t my problem anymore. I really don’t care what you’re up to nowadays, just as long as it doesn’t affect me.”


Sylvia tapped a finger on her cheek, watching him closely, smile broadening. “Oh, yes. I could definitely see that. If you’re against us, we’d definitely seem obnoxious to you. But see that’s just perspective. We might find people like you to be a similar kind of pest.” She shook her head, resisting the devolution into laughter.

"You sound quite a lot like the people I know. Not messing with things unless they bother you. Very interesting."